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Charles brings several years of experience in medical and senior housing real estate development, financial management, strategic planning, Big 4 consulting, and operations management his role as President of LifeWell Senior Living, and is committed to helping seniors lead connected, active, and purposeful lives. Over the years, Charles has created communities that have become known for their unique and special culture. From their senior executives to their front line associates, the mission has been to ensure that residents are not simply living, but living Life Well. This is not just a throw away mission statement; rather, it is at the core. Charles truly believes residents, regardless of ability, continue to have purpose. That purpose comes from community. Keeping this as a core value, LifeWell strives each day to ensure that residents remain connected to family, friends, each other, staff, and the community at large.

LifeWell communities are not for our residents only, but for all who know and love them. Another core philosophy is that we are here to improve the quality of resident’s lives, not just sustain it. While LifeWell honors the past, they look forward to what can be! This is why LifeWell places a tremendous emphasis on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Through innovative ideas, programs, and tools, LifeWell is able to touch every aspect of our residents’ lives to help empower a life of purpose.