Sarah Thomas


Delight by Design

Sarah Thomas is an accomplished leader of innovation. She serves as a global aging
expert advising startups, large corporations and investors, with over 20 years dedicated
to transforming the aging experience. Sarah serves as Venture Partner to AgeTech
Capital, Principal Age Tech expert at Delight by Design, creating age-inclusive
products, brands, spaces and experiences that delight the consumer at every age. She
support AgeTech startups and senior living operators as CEO of multinational
staff-hosting company, MezTal in Guadalajara, Mexico. Sarah has held key leadership
positions across the US and Asia, developing and implementing strategic corporate
innovation initiatives, including change management. She has served as
Executive-in-Residence at Aging2.0 and Principal Fellow in the Nexus Insights firm for
aging transformation as well as Mentor to Techstars Longevity Accelerator. She also is
co- founder of AgeTech News, a media platform for global AgeTech News and deal
flow. She formerly led all commercial activity for Seismic Holdings – a Silicon
Valley-based company shaping human potential through integration of apparel and
robotics to augment human strength and performance. Sarah’s commercial expertise
helped position the organization for esteemed recognition by the World Economic
Forum, Fast Company, The Economist and CES. Prior to Seismic, Sarah led all global
innovation for the largest post-acute care provider in the US, Genesis, serving more than
55,000 individuals a day. She combines her Occupational Therapy expertise with her
operational, clinical and entrepreneurial experience to inspire global improvements in
design and systems innovation worldwide. She designed an innovation center in China
as a part of a vitality initiative to improve the health and well-being of global
communities. A published author, she serves in multiple advisory positions, sits on
numerous boards and is an accomplished keynote speaker on topics like healthy
longevity and aging innovations.